Protect your A/C Unit from copper theft

A/C Copper Theft Cages

Air Conditioners are the largest target OF COPPER THEFT due to the fact that they are full of high dollar copper and take just minutes to steal. Thieves strip the A/C units and sell the copper for scrap and you're left without air conditioning or heat. This can be very expensive for homeowners and devastating for businesses.



TIME - It only takes about two minute to open an a/c unit and strip the copper - YOU JUST TOOK THAT OPPORTUNITY FOR THEFT  AWAY.

YOU CAN SEE IT - Just the visual of an a/c unit that is protected is a deterrent. (Too many have NO protection at all)

That being said, our cages are still just THEFT DETERRENTS and NOT a guaranty of property security.

All of our cages' frame work is fabricated with 1.25" x 1.25" square tubing with 1" square tubing through bars on an 8" center average. All cages are primed and painted prior to installation. All cages can be customized to your specifications along with optional expanded metal panels, closer center averages on through bars, as well as custom lock sections and heavier gauge tubing.

If you can keep the top on your a/c unit - You can keep your COPPER.

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